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The “Power Jelq” or “Jelq Device” is a commercial jelqing device using the Jelq Stick principal. These devices cost anywhere from $60 upwards. I think they look similar to can openers.

I found an article on ThundersPlace on how to make a homemade power jelq device. You can make one of these homemade devices for $10 and it does pretty much the same job as the commercial jelq device. I would only recommend building your own device if your on a tight budget or want to experiment with it before buying one.

Homemade jelq device instructions are here.

Commercial Jelqing DeviceOr you can buy the commercial one at the Jelq Device website. Obviously you’ll be paying for a better pre-built product ($99). The rollers on the commercial device are a lot smoother and has Precise Weighting System (PWS) that targets the tissue of your penis with the exact intensity needed.

I’m going to try making my own and see how that turns out. If not, I’ll take the easy option and just buy one.

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